Implemented projects

„Osiedle Przyrodnicza” – Konstantynów Łódzki ul. Przyrodnicza 6/8
housing estate with terraced houses –

Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Bociania 38
semi-detached house

Łódź, ul. Podchorążych 20
revitalization of a tenement house in a high-quality residential district

Łódź, ul. Tuwima 50
revitalization of a tenement house in the New Center of Łódź

  • Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Bociania 42 – semi-detached house in construction;
  • Łódź, ul. Karpacka 20 – revitalization of a tenement house;
  • Łódź, ul. Błońska 23 – capital investment;
  • Łódź, ul. Felsztyńskiego 34 – capital investment;
  • Łódź, ul. Brzeska 10 – capital investment;
  • Łódź, ul. Orkana 7 - capital investment;
  • Łódź, ul. Tarninowa 3 - management of the sales process;
  • Łódź, ul. Piotrkowska 287 - management of the sales process;
    and many others.Konstantynów Łódzki, ul. Bociania 42 – semi-detached house in construction;

Media about us

"New Center of Łódź is already attracting investors" Dziennki Łódzki

Private investors invest money in the area of ​​NCŁ ...

The first investors believed that the New Center of Łódź, a new district of the city, which will be built near Łódź Fabryczna rail station, will be a place to provide them with income.

At present, no one is investing in NCŁ, because a new district of Łódź has yet to be built, but its surroundings are already attractive to many companies.

AAS Property Investment bought a tenement house at ul. Tuwima 50. It is located between the two entries to the revitalized EC1 complex. In this residential and service building, 4 out of 14 apartments have already been reserved, one of the two commercial premises has been sold (a square meter costs PLN 4.2 thousand).

- The magic of NCŁ works. We decided to buy a tenement house because of the proximity of EC1 - says Aleksander Szcześniak from AAS Property Investment.
- The tenement house was in poor condition. We have renovated it to fit the surroundings. We used, among others, clinker tiles, we left some exposed bricks here and there and kept the original window frames - he describes.

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About us

The company was founded in 2008 in Łódź. We mainly operate in the area of handling the investment process on the real estate market. We specialize in the construction of housing estates, revitalization of tenement houses and management of the investment and sale process of real estate.

During over 11 years of work, we have managed to build a team of specialists consisting of engineers, lawyers, contractors, architects, construction managers and real estate agents, which is necessary for proper and resilient operation. Our team includes specialists in quality testing of work, marketing and sales employees.

Since 2008, we have successfully participated in the investment process of over 100,000 m2 of residential and commercial space. We invest both our own money and the funds of our clients.
In the near future, we plan to start investments on the German and Austrian market.